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Linking auth0 to backend user


We are about to integrate with auth0. Our current oauth provider is inhouse keycloak implementation.
When user registers, we do it in keycloak and send REST api call to our backend to register user in backend and thats how we link other entities to our oauth user.

We need to acheive same with auth0 as well. Can you anyone through some light on this.


Hey there!

Yep so I guess you can make use of our Authentication API to receive something like that. So you can build the UI of your system yourself and then simply hit the right endpoints of our API to handle authentication:

Are you sending the calls from the backend of keycloak (not familiar with that system, so double checking)?

If so, there are two options:

  • You can use a post registration hook to create the user in your backend as soon as they’re registered
  • You can use a rule to create the user “just in time” during the login process
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++. I misunderstood your usecase here a bit

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