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We have a legacy java spring app where users are stored. This app needs to remain the master of users and passwords. Now we also want Single-Sign-On and want to use Auth0 as our OAuth2 server.

Can we get Auth0 to query our app e.g. via a webhook or something to determine if the user exists and whether the correct password has been provided?

I can see that one can integrate with an LDAP server, and I guess one could implement the LDAP protocol to achieve this with a pseudo-LDAP server, I’m just hoping there is a much simpler way. I’m hoping for something similar to Keycloak’s User Storage SPI, where I have to implement these methods:

public UserModel getUserByUsername(String username, RealmModel realm) {
public boolean isValid(RealmModel realm, UserModel user, CredentialInput input) {

How would I go about using Auth0 in our case of a legacy app being the master of users and passwords (stored with bcrypt)?

I guess we could sync the users once and then push every single time any user changes in the app. But that needs to be “instantaneous” - and what about the passwords, that we only have as salted bcrypt-ed values? Also, redundant synchronized data schemes like this are very error-prone in my experience, so I’m hoping for a battle-tested approach…

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It sounds like you are describing a custom DB setup.

Take a look at this and let me know if it solves your issues:

Note: This feature is only available to enterprise subscriptions.

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