use application metadata as json in emails

Hi, is there a way to insert json at the application metadata level and then reuse them in the email template?

Hey there @davide.camerlingo welcome to the community!

It doesn’t look like application metadata is available in email templates according to these common variables.

ok, but in fact it can be accessed with application.client_metadata and is also present when using the debug variable

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Interesting! I guess it’s not documented :thinking: So does that work for you? Is the question regarding JSON in particular? The more detailed you can be with your specific use case the better.

It works well. We use metadata clients with peace of mind, but basically I would like to be able to manage one or more configuration JSONs for the countless applications we have in the tenant in order to touch the templates little or nothing and allow you to parameterize the style in the various streams.
But JSONs are not handled by Liquid as objects but exclusively as text