Application metadata not available as liquid variable in new universal login template

Hello, according to the documentation an application’s metadata should be available as a variable. However, if I print the application object on the page it only shows it’s “id”, and “name” properties. I have confirmed we have custom domains enabled and working as well as the “new universal login experience” enabled.

For example, this <div class="info">{{ application | json }}</div> is only displaying this (with the application id crudely edited out):

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When I test this just as you’ve described using {{application|json}}, I see an object that includes "metadata":{"foo":"bar"}.

To ensure that application’s metadata is updated, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of your application’s setting page after adding the metadata. Otherwise, the metadata might not be saved properly.

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Hi @eric.culley, I have confirmed that the application metadata has been saved correctly. Also I notice that other properties are missing too such as the application.logo_url, as well as the entire tenant, and organization objects.

The following code is outputting the screenshot below:
<div class="info"> Application: {{ application | json }} </div> <div class="info"> Prompt: {{ prompt | json }} </div> <div class="info"> Organization: {{ organization | json }} </div> <div class="info"> Tenant: {{ tenant | json }} </div>

I’ve investigated this more and it appears to be an issue with the storyboard application when it is run from the auth0 cli. If I publish the changes and then use auth0 test login to view my changes then it appears as expected. I suppose for now I can edit my changes live on our dev tenant and test it that way as a workaround.

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