How to access user.app_metadata from password reset page?


Is it possible to access user’s app_metadata in the password reset template in universal login? My question is very similar to the following. I wondering if this is doable or if any alternative method exists?


Yes I believe it should be possible.

In the common variables section you can see that user.app_metadata is available in email templates.

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!


Ok that’s good to know. Can you access the user.app_metadata in the html of the password reset form under universal login?

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible

Yes I think I agree that it won’t be possible.

The relevant docs are here:

Specifically there is a line that states

“Information about the current user, for pages rendered after the user authenticates” → after the user is authenticated you would be able to see the app_metadata but in a password reset form there is, by its nature, no user that is authenticated.

Here are the available general branding options:

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Hi thanks for the update. I was under the assumption page was rendered server-side. I learned that page is not considered to be in an authenticated state therefore no app_metadata.

Is there any other metadata that I can use on that form? I want to be able to use liquid syntax to change some of the html in response to whatever metadata is set.

Oh I read the relevant doc links, looks like this applies to new universal login. I use the classic universal login. So I’ll check out the new universal login to see how much more I can customize.

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