Updating a secondary account

Problem statement

Our client can login to our website using their email and can login to our application using sms Passwordless connections. In order to simplify things we link both accounts where the email account becomes the primary one.

You would like to let the user update their phone number, but it seems that once the sms account is linked as a secondary we cannot update the phone number anymore. Is there a way to update the phone number once the sms account is linked ?


You can update a linked user’s data via the Management API update user endpoint by passing the linked connection parameter in the body of the request.

For example:

curl --location --request PATCH '[https://{](https://%7B/)DOMAIN}/api/v2/users/{PRIMARY_IDENTITY_ID}' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer ' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --data-raw '{ "phone_number":"{NEW_PHONE_NUMBER}" "connection": "sms" }'
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