Multiple identities - How to Update the User Profile Details of the Linked Accounts


I am searching for guidance on updating email and password details for secondary identities in Auth0, specifically for accounts with multiple connections using Username-Password-Authentication. I’ve reviewed discussions on the Auth0 Community forums (link 1 and link 2), but haven’t found information relevant to my case.

My primary account uses Google OAuth, which doesn’t allow email changes. I have successfully linked this account with more than three accounts using Username-Password-Authentication. However, I’m unable to find a method to change the email for the third or subsequent linked accounts.

Is there a way to use the Auth0 user_id or another method to update the email for these secondary linked accounts? Any assistance or pointers to relevant API documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

PS: If i have just 1 Username-Password-Authentication linked, it updates with success.

Hi @alexandro.oliveira,

Whenever you link a secondary or subsequent user account to the primary user account, the secondary account is removed from the users list, and its information is embedded in the identities array of the primary profile. However, because it’s not possible to modify the information in the identities array, as mentioned here, updating the email of these secondary users will require a workaround.

To update the email addresses of linked accounts, you will need to first unlink the secondary account from the primary account using the Management API’s Unlink a user identity endpoint. This will recreate the secondary account, allowing you to call the Management API’s Update a user endpoint to update the email address.

Once that’s done, you can use the Management API’s Link a user account endpoint to relink the accounts.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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thanks for reply.

this information is enough for me.

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