Update the template for the “Accept your invitation to sign up” page

How can we update the template for the “Accept your invitation to sign up” page /u/signup/invitation? We have rebranded but this page’s brand name is still wrong.

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Hi @swifteam,

Thank you for the question.

Can you confirm you have followed the instructions to customize the New Universal Login widget? i.e. Customize New Universal Login with the No-Code Editor


Yes, we did but this customization won’t change for the invite page. What should we do?

I’d like to test it on my end and see if my customizations are showing, but I’m having trouble getting that screen to show at all. My invites go directly to my app. Can you describe your flow so I can recreate it?

We are using the invite flow to invite our customer’s team members to their organization. You can test it on our app swif.ai and then once you have signed up, you can then invite your other email to your team member at Settings > Team.

Please use work email to sign up. Thanks!

Everything looks okay to me. Was there something specific you expected to look differently?

Yes, the issue is still there. I want to change the brand name.

That name/variable should be pulled from your Application name in the Auth0 dashboard. Can you try changing it to your desired name and see if that resolves it?

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