Control flow of Organization Invitation towards login instead of signup

Hi all!

This topic is about the Invitation as part of the Organization feature.
Adding the inviteticket and organization id as query parameters towards the call to /authorize will make the flow end up at /u/signup/invitation, which is great because the invited email address can then be used to create a new identity/account.

What I’m looking for here is the scenario that the identity/account already exists. Trying to then ‘login’ will result in an ‘Error, please try again’ because the account already exists. (Not the best UX yet).
There is a button though on the signup prompt that says: Already have an account click here the login, which takes you to: /u/login/invitation, which is the correct location to go to in this scenario.

Now my question is, can we force direct the invitation towards the login part of the invitation? So that the /authorize redirects directly towards /u/login/invitation instead of /u/signup/invitation.

I’ve experimented with prompt=login and screen_hint=login (in addition to the org_id and invitationticket), but no luck. But I also didn’t expect this to work yet, since it’s not documented anywhere.


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Also experiencing the same issue.
Tried the prompt and screen_hint and it doesn’t work.

Our users getting errors cause we can’t control that from outside.

Any solution?