Upcoming Deprecation for Management API v1 - July 13, 2020

We are replacing Management APIv1 with a v2, in order to introduce new and better features. This document explains the benefits of moving to v2. After July 13, calls made to the Management API v1 endpoints will no longer be processed and will fail with errors. Our Migration Guide outlines details about:

  • How to determine if you are affected
  • Actions to take if you are affected

Here’s a summary of the steps you’ll need to execute:

  1. Review your tenant logs and determine endpoints that need to be updated.

  2. (If applicable) Update the AD/LDAP connector health monitor extension.

  3. Update your Code in Each Affected Tenant.

  4. Test your apps, and recheck logs. When you’re ready…

  5. Open your Auth0 Dashboard → Migrations section, and change the “Legacy Mgmt API V1” Dashboard option to “Disabled”.

  6. Test again to ensure everything still works as expected.

    A. If it does, you’re done! Hooray!

    B. If not, toggle the Dashboard Option back to “Enabled” and retest as much as needed, until the End of Life date - July 13, 2020 for the public cloud.


  • A “Migration complete” status implies code has been updated and the Dashboard option disabled.
  • If you are still receiving monthly reminder emails, it means there might still be at least 1 more migration step left to complete.

To get technical assistance with your migration, please raise a ticket with support or talk to your TAM, if you have one. OR if you have a general question about this event, please feel free to ask it here!

Finally, here is some additional information about our migration processes, deprecations, and End of Life announcements:


Let us know if you have any questions!


Hi! We have an Enterprise Integration enabled in our legacy pricing plan, and the customer notified us that they are unable to log in since today. Can this be related to this release? We don’t see any other reason for the integration to stop working…

Our Management API is not used for neither authentication nor authorisation, it’s more for management purposes. For auth stuff there is the Authentication API:

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You should really include examples of what to search for in the logs you support team and customers will thank you.


Thanks for the feedback @dkaminsky, I’ll be sure to relay that to our teams :raised_hands:

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Can you elaborate a little bit on that feedback @dkaminsky? Would really appreciate that!

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