Unusual 404 Error on /oauth/token During Healthcheck

Hello Community,

I have a healthcheck feature in our backend (built with NestJS) that continuously sends requests to Auth0 to ensure service availability.

The service has been running smoothly for several months until 2023-10-28T20:00:11.666Z when we encountered a problem with our healthcheck (which resolved itself after one occurrence).

The failed request was directed at auth0 API {domain/oauth/token}, returning a 404 error.

I checked Auth0’s status but there were no incidents reported at that time.

While the issue hasn’t recurred, I’m keen on understanding the root cause to prevent any future disruptions. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @yin.honngtao,

It’s hard to determine what might be causing the request to fail and return a 404 error.

However, from my experience, this can happen when you request a URL that cannot be found.

For example, if the request was made to the /oauth/token endpoint using an incorrectly referenced URL like https://exampletenant.us.auth0.com/oauth/token but expects https://example-tenant.us.auth0.com/oauth/token, then it would throw an error since it cannot find the correct URL to POST the data to.

In this case, I recommend checking your error logs to verify whether the request you made to the /oauth/token endpoint calls to the correct and expected URL, which should have the format https://{yourDomain}.us.auth0.com/oauth/token.


Hi Rueben,

Thank you for your prompt response and for sharing your insights.

I would like to clarify that our domain has remained consistent throughout our service’s operation, and there hasn’t been any change to it. Moreover, the 404 error was a singular occurrence;
every other request to the Auth0 endpoint proceeded without any issues. This makes me wonder if there could have been a momentary glitch or anomaly on the side of the auth0 servers during that specific timeframe.

Could there be any possibilities of temporary disruptions or hiccups on the Auth0 side that might not have been long-lasting enough to be reported as an incident?

Thank you once again for your assistance. I’m keen on ensuring the robustness and reliability of our integrations.

Best regards,

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ping is there anyone else who can answer this question

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Hi @yin.honngtao,

Thank you for your replies.

Can you provide more details if you come across this error again? If you do, please send me a direct message with the log ID of the event so I can look into it further.

It’s possible, and one way to check if there are any issues with the service is on our Auth0 Status Page.


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