Error: Service Not Found

I keep getting an error in the logs “Service not found:”. I’ve checked the .env files and there is no place where that URL is anywhere in the files. So, where the heck is Auth0 getting it. I was able to create an account (I can see it in the user list) but when I try to revisit my site, I keep getting the error. I believe (though it hasn’t been confirmed) that if the token times out, I can successfully log in once. Then it stops working.

I realize there probably isn’t enough info to be useful. I’m working on an inherited project and don’t have any experience with Auth0. At this point, I don’t even know what questions to ask.


I can confirm that if I wait for the token to timeout, I am successfully logged out and redirected to my main page. So, at least something is working. Suggestions are appreciated.

As mentioned, after the timeout, I can log back into Auth0. Then, if I go back to my home page I get the previously mentioned authentication error.

Hi did you figure it out eventually? I have the same issue