Localhost redirect http vs https

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About a week ago, I implemented auth0 in my react app. Using the quickstart guides and the tutorials available, plus the provided sample application, setup was a breeze. However, when I fired up my app to continue working on it today, it simply won’t allow me to log in. Nothing has changed on my end since last week.

The issue I’m running into is that when I click my Login button, it never actually redirects me to my auth0 universal login page. Instead, I get “Oops… Service not found: http://localhost:3000.” My app deployed on heroku still does the redirect properly so the problem seems to be isolated to the local dev environment.

I messed around with some of the callback URI settings, changing things from http to https, and am seeing the behavior change, but since my localhost isn’t set up for https traffic, the redirect still fails. Has anyone run into this issue within the last week or so?

This error usually means your audience hasn’t been configured in the dashboard.

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