Error: “access_denied”, errorDescription: “Service not found

In localhost:3000 everything is ok, but in dev env it doesn’t work.
frontend config
CLIENT_ID: ‘some-id’,

after clicking the button should redirect to, but redirect to

How can I fix it?

Hi @nelli,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you have experienced an error, specifically with the Error: "access_denied", errorDescription: "Service not found" error.

To help you further, could you please capture the login event in a HAR file and send them to me as a direct message to investigate?


Hi @rueben.tiow )) is there any news about how to fix this error?

Hi @nelli,

Thank you for your response and patience!

I have just investigated your HAR file and was able to correlate it to the logs found on your tenant.

On a close inspection, I found that the request failed with the “Service not found” error because the audience parameter that was passed to the /authorize endpoint included an unintentional whitespace.

The actual audience:
audience": " https://{YOUR_DOMAIN}",

The expected audience:
audience": "https://{YOUR_DOMAIN}",

This typo was hard to detect, and after testing this on my side, I can reproduce the same error message and confirm that this is the source of the problem.

With that, I recommend removing the whitespace from your audience parameter.

I hope this helps!

Please reach out again if you have any additional questions.


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