Error: “access_denied”, errorDescription: “Service not found:


I’ve client id and domain setup done on my frontend and backend is running at http://localhost:3000/api/v1. front end is in angular js and back-end in node and written in ts.

frontend config…
CLIENT_ID: ‘some-id’,
AUDIENCE: ‘http://localhost:3000/api/v1’,
REDIRECT: ${ENV.BASE_URI}/login/callback, // BASE_URI: http://localhost:4200/en/
SCOPE: ‘openid profile’

@ auth0, I’ve application created in applications with necessary callback url.

after accessing the frontend, I get following error eveen though backedn is running on my local machine.
Error authenticating:

Am I missing anything in config @ auth0 or something wrong with my backend.

The error “Service not found” means that you haven’t set a custom API with that identifier in the Auth0 dashboard. You can find detailed info on how to set it up here:

thanks Ricardo for the heads up, let me try it out.
Infact I’ve created that earlier but couldn’t understand the rationale for the same, let me go thru detailed doc.

Let us know if you eventually managed to do that.

Have created api the earlier error is gone, next step is to authenticate user, using google here to sign up.
next is to parsehash from auth0 but getting empty accessToken.
error: “unauthorized” errorDescription: “Verification Failed: undefined”

Cannot read property ‘accessToken’.


it seems authResult returned by WebAuth.parseHash is undefined