Callback URL mismatch error for local dev

I’ve looked at similar posts and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I’m just starting out on setting up auth0 for my project that I’m developing locally. I’ve followed the quickstart guide and as far as I can tell I’ve done things correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

Using React

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 12.07.00 PM

You’ve configured the scheme of the URI as https in https://localhost:3001 in your Auth0 configuration. With localhost, it’s typically http. Can you check if that’s the issue?

So I was just using http, but then when I went to setup auth0 it gave me an error saying that it required https. Which I then think I set up correctly. At least my app loads at https://localhost:3001

I’m a novice dev so most of this is new to me

You should be able to use http when using localhost. When you get the redirect UIR error, there’s a yellow box in the bottom left corner you can click and expand to see the URL you’re sending. It’ll also be a parameter in the URL if you look at your address bar.

Okay, let me undo the https and try again with http.

Thank you

Okay so when I use http

I get this error, which is what made me implement https

Don’t know how notifs work on here, but in case my other reply didn’t ping you, I got a different error when trying to use just http

Is this “Payload validation error” in the Auth0 dashboard or from your app? I only ask because I’ve used many http://localhost callback URLs with other frameworks, including Angular, React, Vue, Express, Spring Boot, Quarkus, and Micronaut.

In the auth0 dashboard, in the settings tab of the Application page. That error pops up when I click save changes after updating the 3 URL forms. I was just following the quickstart guide.

I was able to reproduce this problem by putting http://localhost:4200 in the Application Login URI input field and saving changes. This is not a required field and I’ve never used it myself. You can leave it blank.

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