Universal Passwordless Links Not Working with Redirect

Problem Statement

Currently, our passwordless login links take this format:


, which redirects to:


However, with the redirect, we are unable to directly open the app from the link. The user has to open the link in Safari first (which isn’t always easy for users to understand and doesn’t always happen).

We’ve followed all the steps outlined here, the final link does work perfectly, but with the redirect, we have the issue.

Is there anything that we can do to solve this redirect?


Due to a security feature of iOS, the link doesn’t open with a redirect. Apple wants the users to explicitly open the universal link in the browser instead of the link triggered with a browser redirect.

Below StackOverflow question provided some workaround ideas.

The best or easiest option would be to disable the tracking in the email service, if possible, for the passwordless links so that the links are sent unchanged.

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