Universal Passwordless Links Are Not Working With Redirect

Problem Statement

Passwordless login links in an iOS app take this format:


This redirects to the following URL:


However, with the redirect, it is not possible to directly open the app from the link. The user must first open the link in a Safari browser.

Universal Links have been enabled in Xcode. However, although the final link does work perfectly, the redirect does not function as we expect.

It is desired that the user should be able to directly open the link, without the need to use a browser.


The reason why the link doesn’t open with a redirect is due to a security feature of iOS. Apple wants the users to explicitly open the universal link in the browser instead of the link being triggered with a browser redirect.

Some people have developed some workaround that you can find on Stackoverflow however as they are 3rd party solutions, Auth0 cannot guarantee that this will work as expected.

The best/easiest option would be to disable the tracking in the email service if possible for the passwordless links such that the links are sent unchanged.

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