Auth0.Swift Passwordless login with Magic Links not working through Universal Login page

Problem statement

We use the following code in our login flow:

.start { result in
switch result {
case .success(let credentials):
print("~~Credentials: \(credentials)")
case .failure(let error):
print("~~Error: \(error)")

Calling the start() function successfully shows the Universal Login page in a modal in-app Safari. A magic link is sent successfully to the user’s email. Then tapping the magic link opens the app successfully, so the deep-linking works.

However, the callback to the start() function does not get invoked at all. The expectation is that it will be called, with a successful result that contains the user credentials as an associated value.

Moreover, dismissing the modal after the magic link opens the app invokes the start() callback with a failure result, stating that the user canceled the authentication flow.


For Auth0.Swift, the passwordless flow with magic links is not supported through the Universal Login page, even if a universal link does return to the iOS application.


Magic Links are only supported through the embedded passwordless flow described here Auth0.swift: Passwordless Authentication.

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