Is it possible to mix passwordless methods, link for web app and code for mobile app?

I have successfully setup magic link for passwordless, and it works great for my web app, but now I’d like to try for mobile (iOS), for which I guess magic link won’t work (or will it?), and I cannot find out how. Is it possible within the same tenant?


Hi @sebastien.desalvador

Welcome back to the Auth0 Community, it has been some time I believe since you were last here :slight_smile:

Looking at the documentation for iOS it seems sending a user a link or code are both possible.

In addition, you can go the embedded passwordless route for native apps if this works better for your use case both magic link and OTP appear to be supported.

Warm regards.

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Hi Saqib,

Yes it’s been a while, but I have a new project :wink:

Do I have to create my own login screens with what you sent me?

I have followed a couple of articles, one to enable passwordless via email code, and then one to enable email magic link. But I had very little code to write, in fact, only 1 line to add in the branding section to switch from code to link. I’m using the new universal login flow as well.

So I’m confused as to how it’s supposed to work with magic link for native apps. When you click the magic link in the email, you’ll get redirected to the web app, not to the native app right?

Do I have have to handle deep linking from my web app to the native app?