Universal login loginWithRedirect options

Hi all
In our application we use universal login in react SPA,
we use loginWithRedirect for login and if we have an invite URL we pass the params { authorizationParams: { invitation, organization } }
in the signup page that opened we have only a username and password for this new user. my question is if we can add another field like family name and first name for the user in the signup without building our page (we want to use auth0 universal login new custom page)

Hi @michaels,

Thanks for reaching out to auth0 community!

Please check this post Add custom field in Universal Login page. this link will direct you to how you can capture the custom field to your signup page.


As per my understanding you can capture the first name, family name through progressive profiling.

Also i checked our product roadmap where adding custom elements to Sign Up page is in our roadmap. hope this helps! Thanks!


@pavan.bn thx for the answer,
we use Auth0 custom login and we do not want to change the html+css code we want to use the universal login as is just want also in the signup to have the ability for users to set up their family name/ first name/ phone number
I know we can do it via management API after the signup but we want it to be at the same moment

Hi @michaels,

As per my understanding currently auth0 don’t have custom fields adding option in dashboard. you have to modify the html and can use this Lock Configuration Options to add the custom fields.

Please check this documentation for upcoming Sign-up Prompt Customizations.


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