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Is it possible to customize New Universal Login Pages when signing up users to capture some additional info about them?
I would like to capture their First Name and Last Name, maybe add some sort of checkbox to answer a few questions.
It doesn’t have to be part of the login-password screen, because I feel like the answer to my question is “No” based on my research :smiley:
What would my options be here? Create my own signup page and disable Universal Login? Is that my only option?

Thank you

Hi @milan.milojic,

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Unfortunately, this is not possible with the New Universal Login Experience. However, it is possible with the Classic Universal Login Experience.

To learn more about how to configure the additional sign-up fields on the Classic Universal Login, please check out this FAQ.

Alternatively, you could continue using the New Universal Login and use a Redirect Action to redirect your users to a custom-hosted page to gather more information, and then resume authentication.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @rueben.tiow, thanks you for your prompt reply.
About Classic Universal Login, I think I’ve seen people suggest migrating away from it as it might get deprecated? Is this an option that is good for a longish term?

Hi @milan.milojic,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, this is still a viable option for the long term. AFAIK, there is currently no determined date for when the Classic Universal Login experience will be deprecated.

The other option would be to use the New Universal Login with Redirect Actions, as mentioned previously.

I hope this helps!



Is there a roadmap for adding additionalSignUpFields to Universal Login? Having family_name and given_name in the Profile Schema but not being able to add a First and Last name in the Universal Login seems like a fairly big omission. All of the examples for Universal Login’s
onExecutePreUserRegistration calls show the addition of static information. Are there examples of using this Action to collect further data that could be stored as Metadata to the profile? Is it true that the only way to access this profile information is to develop on a potentially depreciable method?

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