Universal login lock does not accept "mustAcceptTerms" config option?

We have transitioned from the widget based Lock in a webapp to Lock in Universal login using passwordless logins.

However the “mustAcceptTerms” config option we used in the widget version of Lock seems to not appear at all for Universal login?

Is it due to it being passwordless or is that config option not available at all in Universal login?

Is there another way to prevent users from signing in unless they check some sort of box?

Hi, the mustAcceptTerms config is only available for Signup of Database users. It will not work for Passwordless connections as expected.

Although we do not recommend to make custom CSS/JS changes to the Universal Login DOM, if this is a very important requirement for you, you can go ahead and add the terms and conditions yourself to the Lock widget. The reason it is not recommended it because future versions of Lock may change the behaviour and break your custom code.

Thanks for the reply.
Ok this is not apparent in the docs unless I missed the differentiation of this.

We also don’t want to customize Lock for the reasons you gave so I guess we would have to have our own “mustAcceptTerms” screen before displaying the universal login in the first place.

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I believe shayan.memari already answered the question, in that “mustAcceptTerms” is not available in passwordless logins in Universal login.

We had to roll our own terms and agreements page before reaching the Lock screen.

Gotchya! Perfect then!