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Customising the html of lock with universal login

Is there a simple means of doing this? I am guessing no?
A stakeholder is asking to add a single link somewhere to the login form and the only way I can see to do this is to move to full customisation. However full customisation results in losing lock and its great styling and features.
Alternatively I then have to fork lock, add my modifications to it and then do something horrible to inline all the js and css and html into the one editable file I have via the full customisation in auth0.
Am I just being a silly sausage and missing an easier way around this?

Lock supports a limited set of customizations that can be applied. If the link is a Terms and Conditions link, one thing you could explore is the mustAcceptTerms configuration option in Lock.

For other requirements that aren’t met by the existing set of customizations, our recommendation is to use a custom UI using Auth0.js.

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Thanks for getting back to me hyper-quick and for confirming what I suspected. I get why you do this and to be honest, I agree. If my stakeholders had their way the login screen would be a hideous mess of a requirements pit and this outcome makes my life easier.


Glad you understood our reasoning behind it :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any other questions regarding custom UI!

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