Universal Login with Custom HTML -- does the version get updated?

If our application uses Universal Login with cutom html so that we can add a few html lnks and logos to the page, do we need to ensure that the lock version is updated or does Auth0 update the lock implementation automatically somehow?

We are concerned about missing a security update because we are using html for a logo and some “help” type links.

Unfortunately, if you are using “Customize Login Page” for Lock, you will not automatically receive updates. When an update is released you will need to go into the template and update it. This is described here: Customize Classic Universal Login Pages

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If you want to file some feature request regarding that feel free to use our product feedback form:

Hi @nils.werckmeister

You can point it to the last minor version (e.g. https://cdn.auth0.com/js/lock/11.22/lock.min.js), you’ll get all patch versions applied automatically.

In general, the approach to get all updates, for all login steps, without any adjustments is going to be using the New Universal Login. We’ll be adding more customization capabilities in the near future.

I hope it helps


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Thanks for the heads-up Andres!

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