Customize Universal Login with ReactJS

Hi guys,

As the title described, I want to customize the Universal Login with ReactJS, is that possible ?

Thank you so much !

He there @hoangtrinh!

You can customise the look of your page with JavaScript easily. Here’s the doc for that:

Let me know if it helps!

Thanks for your response @konrad.sopala, I read that article before asking this question. I see that Universal Login support multiple ways to customize, Lock.js is a great widget library, looks amazing though, but I don’t prefer it because there are some cases of UX design which are not supported ), so I need to go with Custom Login Form instead to implement those cases.
HTML/CSS and Jquery might work (I think), but I refer ReactJS for the easy maintenance later. So is it possible ?

Sorry for huge delay in response.

Quick answer to confirm my thoughts: you can use HTML and JavaScript to customise that.

If you went with building the UI yourself in React then simply handle authentication and management hitting right endpoints of our APIs:

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