Universal Login Inconistent desciption/page title after using the text customization API

Hi There,
I have decided to test out the new text-customization feature for universal login to customize our login pageTitle and description fields.

For some reason after the change has been made I’m encountering different descriptions/page titles on login.
I’ve tried that from multiple browsers, in incognito mode with cache disabled.
It seems that every couple times i refresh the login screen the description/page title falls back to the defaults.

Hey there @maorz!

Can you send me a private message with your tenant name? Does it happen on all browser or only specific one? Can you observe some pattern in this behaviour?

Hi @konrad.sopala, any news?

Hey there!

I missed that let me look into it in a few minutes!

Hey again!

I just sent you a private message. I was able to reproduce that. Reached out to our engineering team to find out what’s the reason behind such behaviour!

Will reopen that once we eventually solve that in a private discussion that we have.