Delete Login Prompt description and title

How can i delete the prompt description?
Incase i am not clear on the login and register screen, i would like to remove the " Welcome

Log in to {App Name} to continue to All Applications."

I have check here:

Preferred output

Hi @ebere,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Unfortunately, you cannot remove the text from the default Universal Login Page. You only have the option to modify the Login Text Prompt by making a call to the Auth0 Management API’s /api/v2/prompts/{prompt}/custom-text/{language} endpoint.

And even when trying to modify the text with an empty array, this will only revert the text to default:

{ "login": { "description": "" } }

In this case, I recommend you to consider switching on the Customize Login Page toggle in your Auth0 Dashboard>Branding>Universal Login in the Login Tab. Doing so should give you complete control over the look and feel of your Universal Login Page.

Then, by default, the title and description text will not be displayed. Next, you can modify your logo by including a URL reference to your logo on the custom Universal Login Page:

      theme: {
        //logo:            'YOUR LOGO HERE',
        primaryColor:    colors.primary ? colors.primary : 'green'

Making all of these changes should give you your preferred login page you shared with me in the screenshot.

Please let me know if there are any questions. I’d be happy to clarify,

Thank you.

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