Customising a Prompt Text using an empty string

Hey I have followed the steps set out in a previous answer:

However, when sending a blank “description” I am still given the text: Sign Up to COMPANY to continue to ENVIRONMENT.

It is odd, because I have changed the description to other strings and that seems to work fine. I also tried to send a blank “title” and that gave the same result, the default “WELCOME”
I would love a working example to send to my API to test it out if that is possible.

–data ‘{ “signup”: { “title”: “Create an account”, “description”: “”, “buttonText”: “Get started” } }’

Is what I am currently sending.

Hi @aar9n ,

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I tested in Postman and noticed that by adding a blank space in the “description” field, it works! Here are the details.


    "signup": {
        "title": "Create an account",
        "description": " ",
        "buttonText": "Get started"

Could you please give it a try?

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Ah yes, excellent. That works, thanks! Can we consider updating an example, because I would usually expect an empty string to be "" with no space between. It may not be the case for others.

If the description is set to “”, it will show the default Auth0 description. When we update it to " " with an empty space, the description will be erased.