Universal login image off-center

I have noticed that after switching to the new univeral login view, the image that I have selected is off center… Is there a way to resize it?

Howdy @peterflat :cowboy_hat_face:

I am not aware of this offset being an issue. Would you mind providing a screenshot of the issue and what browser/OS you’re on?


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@tswallen Thanks for the quick response! Here is a snap of what my universal login looks like:

I have tried using a smaller image but it actually resizes to the same width regardless of the base image size. Snap attached:

you can set the position of image whereever you want.

@rashid779939 How does one do that? Please note that I am not using a custom login page.

It appears to me the only setting available is the url of the logo image… The setting is here:

https://manage.auth0.com/dashboard/us/YOURTENANT/login_settings under company logo.

@peterflat this is to do with the ratio of the image

The logo has a fixed height of 60px and will scale an image to meet that regardless of it’s resolution.

Knowing the image’s container width is 320px, we can assume that any image exceeding a ratio of 16:3 will overflow its container.

Hopefully this can help?

Amazing! I will try this. thank you Tom.

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