Issue with Universal Login - Image size

Hi all,

I have an issue with universal login where everything appears a bit weird.Test

The logo also covers most of the screen. Once I change the auth0 UL to “classic” it works fine albeit using the classic version.



happen to me as well in all EU tenants

I have exactly the same issues on all my tenants.

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Yep we are experiencing the same issue.

Howdy folks,

Can you provide steps to reproduce? What browser, device type, etc? Also, is everyone experiencing this only on New UL as well?

I would like to repro and report to the team.

It seems this issue has been resolved yesterday evening.

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The issue has been resolved. The steps to reproduce were to simply set the New UL as default instead of the classic experience and visit the login page.

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Thanks, I am going to mark this solved. If you are still seeing this issue please open a new topic.

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