Unirversal Login page loads new logo, but still shows generic one

Basically, the title. All my applications and the tenant themselves use the correct logo.


Login/signup forms also load the custom logo but then overwrite it with generic svg for some reason.

How to avoid it and display the actual logo?

Hi @WoutUt ,

The logo set within the specific application will show in various places, as detailed here, but will not change the main Universal Login Prompt logo. To change the the main login/signup prompt logo you can do this in the no-code editor, or navigate in your Dashboard to Branding > Universal Login , then provide the Company Logo URL.
As an example, the application-specific logo will show in the User Consent Prompt as seen here.

Hope this helps, thanks!


Hi @nathan.jenkins !

Thanks, changing widget settings helped. However, the logic is a bit obscure. There’re ~4 places to change the logo, but none of them actually change the logo except a single tiny double-nested field.

Hi @nathan.jenkins ,
i have changed the url in Branding > Universal Login. in the preview the image is showing. but in the login page, it’s not showing with updated new url.


As both links look to be yours, could it be that you used a different link in the general tenant settings (or settings) and it doesn’t work? Or maybe the S3 link isn’t public?

S3 link is an old one. so we want to replace it with new one (static.zomentum). and Settings > general also has the same new url.

Hi @vijayakumar , are you still having the issue?
I copied the URL link in my on my local test tenant and appears to be working OK for me.


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Hi @nathan.jenkins ,
yes i’m still facing this issue. i updated the new url in Branding > Universal Login page. but in this image u can see that the image tag with static.zomentum.com url is overridden by div #custom-prompt-logo which has the old s3 url.

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