Unexpected redirect to “Last time your logged in with” on every login


We have three Auth0 tenants:

  1. production-legacy

  2. staging-legacy

  3. dev-new-product

The first two tenants were created several years ago, whereas the 3rd was created within the past 12 months. The first tenant, production-legacy, is our production tenant and all of our customer user accounts for our existing Production SPA (v1) are on it.

Meanwhile the 2nd tenant, staging-legacy, is our Staging environment for our existing SPA (v1).

We have developed a new version of our SPA (v2) over the past 12 months. We created the newer 3rd tenant, dev-new-product, as our test environment for the new, upgraded SPA (v2).

As part of the process of transitioning our user base from v1 to also cater for v2, last week we created a new test SPA in the staging-legacy tenant (“v2 SPA (Test Auth0 Migration)”). User and app metadata for an initial test user were updated so as to also include new properties which are specific to v2. Similarly other v2-related Auth0 functionality was ported from the dev-new-product tenant such as an Action on login (v1 uses a Rule instead and which is also retained) etc…

We are seeing that the login flow in the v2 SPA on staging-legacy is behaving differently to what happens in our development tenant dev-new-product. Specifically, when the user logs in on dev-new-product they are redirected to the v2 SPA dashboard (as we would expect) whereas when the user logs in on the SPA on staging-legacy they are redirected to an intermediate screen where they are asked to confirm the account they wish to log in with (the Auth0 displayed message prompt is “Last time you logged in with”). On selecting the account they are then redirected to the v2 SPA dashboard. This intermediate redirect happens every single time the user logs in.

In so far as I can currently see, the settings for the v2 SPA in each tenant are the same. As additional tests I temporarily added another SPA to each tenant and reconfigured/tested login with each. The new v2 SPA in staging-legacy also redirected to the “Last time you logged in with” screen whereas the new v2 SPA in dev-new-product redirected straight to the application dashboard. So the behaviour appears to be consistent across newly created SPAs in each tenant. In contrast, the existing/older v1 SPA in staging-legacy however redirects straight to the v1 application dashboard (i.e. there is no intermediate “Last time your logged in with” screen redirect).

We don’t wish to be redirected to the intermediate screen when logging into the v2 SPA application.

Q. Any ideas as to why there is a difference in behaviour between what appears to be the same SPA application across two different tenants?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @dlinehan , welcome to the Auth0 community!

Thanks for thoroughly explaining the behaviour you’re experiencing.
The reason for this difference in login flow is due to Newer tenants having Seamless SSO enabled by default (without the ability to toggle this off) You may find that you can toggle on the Seamless SSO for the older tenants which would skip this additional screen.

This Lock configuration here also determines whether or not the prompt is shown for the older tenants.

Hope this helps, thanks!