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Some users getting "Last time you logged in with" popup, despite prompt=none


I have a ticket open on this but thought the community might be able to help more quickly if this is something obvious that I am missing.

We have a small collection of users in our one of our Auth0 hosted databases who are consistently getting the “Last time you were logged in with…” pop-up message, despite our using prompt=none in our configs. The vast majority of our users never see this message, as expected. There are no clear differences between the small number of users that is seeing the message vs the majority that are not. Those that are seeing the message also do not have anything obvious in common with each other. As well, when these users try to click through the pop-up, they just end being redirected back to the login page. Use cases as reported by our support teams:

When the customer opens a new AUTH 0 login page, they have 2 options:

  1. click on their email address which says: The last time you logged in with…" - this option returns the user back to the login page with no error message.
  2. click on “Not Your Account?” and enter login information. This option returns the user to the login page with “Last time you logged in with…”

Our prod tenant does not yet have “Seamless SSO” enabled.