How do we get "Last time you were logged in as" back?

Not having much luck in the docs … is there a way to get the “Last time you logged in with” behaviour back? We have use cases where people in the same household, sharing the same device, who have individual accounts are being confused when one person’s session is still active and the other person is trying to log in.

Hi Mark,

Newer tenants use seamless SSO by default, and don’t have the option to disable it. With seamless SSO the hosted login page won’t be loaded in the event a session is still active, so this prompt wouldn’t have a chance to load.

If you have a legacy tenant that still has the option to disable Seamless SSO, you should be able to use the ‘rememberLastLogin’ option to provide this prompt:

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Thanks Steve. Our public cloud tenants still have the option I believe, but we will be migrating to managed private cloud instances in the next few months. Would be nice to see this feature still available as optional.

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