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I am linking google assistant with auth0. It links sucessfully but when I unlink the account and again try to relink the account, it does not show rememberLastLogin or Login page. It directly get me logged in. I tried with universal login page, hosted page with rememberLastLogin: true;

When rememberLastLogin: false, it is not promoting for anythng just getting me logged in directly.


Hey there @nihalilu!

Let me ask a few questions so I can understand your usecase better. Basically when rememberLastLogin was set to false you got immediately logged in without being prompted? When you set it to true everything was fine right? Firstly you had your account linked then you unlinked it and after that you’re not displayed with the login page and you’re just logged in?

Have in mind that rememberLastLogin option you mention is a Lock option only applicable in certain scenarios. I believe the important question to answer would be what’s the duration of an SSO session established by Auth0 when an end-user authenticates (independently of how Lock is configured to try to use it or not). with this in mind I think you should check this of the reference documentation as it goes over the lifetime of the session and how you can influence certain aspects of that lifetime.

Thanks for providing additional clarification!

  1. when rememberLastLogin is set to false, I immediately get logged in without prompting, which is expected behavior.
  2. Even when I set it to true, I immediately get logged in without prompting. So, my requirement is that, it should prompt user Login screen or rememberLastLogin screen.
  3. Yes, when I linked account then unlinked the account and again try to re-link the account, it does not prompt any screen. It just got me logged in.

I am using universal login.
I am not integrating SSO and its machine to machine api authorization

SSO and Universal Login select account feature (formerly disabled seamless sso)
User prompt after first login "Last time you logged in"
SSO and Universal Login select account feature (formerly disabled seamless sso)

Gotchya! Sorry for a little bit of confusion.

The problem is when you created the tenant, this could be due to Seamless SSO, which is the default and expected behavior now. You can use the prompt=login parameter in your authorize link to ask for credentials each time.

If you have SSO enabled, no matter what the rememberLastLogin says it then takes the inactivity timeout and require log in after values to log you out

Hope it helps!


Thanks. It worked with ‘prompt=login’.

Still, I’ve one doubt- why I can’t see ’ Use Auth0 instead of the IdP to do Single Sign On feature’ under application advanced setting. What am I missing ?

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