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Seamless SSO question



Does the new “Seamless SSO” option in tenant settings (“legacy” tenants only maybe?) refer to the “You were last logged in as” pop-up, or to something else?


It seems to go a step beyond that, at least as far as I can tell in using it so far. Previously, you could only call /authenticate and either show the login screen or do silent SSO (and receive an error if the user wasn’t logged in).

This new setting seems to provide a nice middle ground: if the user is logged in, it acts like silent SSO. So when calling /authenticate, the user isn’t redirected to the login screen, but immediately authenticated and send back to the application. If the user is not logged in, it will behave like we’re used to and redirect to the login screen.

So to directly answer your question: yes, this should mean that the “You were last logged in as” pop-up is now no longer needed. And for users with a custom login screen, it means a heck of lot less work to work around the odd way SSO used to work.