Enable Seamless SSO Button missing in Tenant Advanced settings?

I have created a couple of accounts for development, first one was created a few months ago under my own email for local development and testing, another one was created last month or so ago, with a more generic company email so we can use that account for our staging and above environments.

I am trying to find the Enable Seamless SSO button but it is missing on the newer account, and SSO does not seem to work for that account? I have 2 browser window side by side, under Tenant --> Settings --> Advanced. One shows the button, the other do not? Please advice.


Hey there @josh4!

Not sure if it’s a higher tier feature need to check this internally but can you let me know in DM what are your tenants names so I can dig into it?

If I can ask you to do one more thing. Have you tried getting rid of the cookies , clearing the cache and then checking if it’s still not there?

Hey there have you had a chance to see my last message?

Hi Josh and Konrad

Did you find an answer to this, as I am looking to do exactly the same thing.

I want to take my users from my App through Auth0 seamlessly to my SSO signin, but I get prompted with the Auth0 login.

Is there something I a missing?



I’m also experiencing this when creating a new acount

are there any updates to this?

Hey there!

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Wanted to reach out to know if you still require further assistance?