Unable to see an option to toggle (enable seemless sso)


I created a new application and I don’t see a toggle button to use Auth0 as IDP.

Also, I am unable to see an option called Enable seamless SSO toggle switch in my login session management tab.

Please take a look.



Hi Anand. These options are only available on older tenants, as they are legacy features. Newer tenants always have Seamless SSO enabled.

Application can force a login step by passing prompt=login. Note that this works as a “suggestion” for cases where the user says “this is not my account, switch to other” (a user could easily bypass the login screen by crafting a new /authorize URL that doesn’t have the prompt=login parameter).

If the application needs to enforce that the login step actually happened, it will need to use a combination of max_age=xxx in the authorize request (where xxx is how many seconds at most the authentication session is accepted) and then check the auth_time claim in the ID Token to make sure the authentication actually happened at the expected moment (again, to ensure that the user didn’t tamper with the /authorize request).

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Thank you for quick reply :slight_smile:

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We’re here for you @anand.kolli!

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