lastTimeLogin page doesn't work well with email/password auth


I have the lastTimeLogin enabled option in the production tenant of my application. The flow works perfectly if the user is authenticated using third-party applications (for example, through a Google account). After logging out, they see a page with a message about using the last authentication method, and when they click on the suggested option, they can easily re-authenticate in the application.

However, for some reason, the same thing does not work if the user was authenticated using email/password on the universal login page. They are indeed redirected to the last-time-login page, they see the last authentication method, but when they click on it, they get stuck in an endless loop of the login page. For some reason, there is no redirect to the callback endpoint, and I can’t figure out why :frowning:

It seems that something similar was described in this thread, but I can’t test the hypothesis because, in the dev tenant, the last-time-login page never appears, no matter how I configure the lastTimeLogin option on the Lock side.

It would be just great if you could help me at least with setting up my dev-tenant application in the same way as the production one, to be able to see the last-time-login page on it.