Get last login not working


I configured a Single Page Application for a brand new project in Angular 6

I want to enable the one-click login, by setting the rememberLastLogin flag to true by following this rules Lock Configuration Options

By comparing with another project I see that the request to returns 404 and my working project works fine

Am I missing something in my application/tenant configuration??

Update: Apparently this is a known issue for the Auth0 team

I reported it under the lock repo and the are working on a solution

Hey @luisguerra!

Thanks for getting it to wider audience. As said in the issue, this happens because new tenants have our new SSO flow, which doesn’t even show the login page if doesn’t need to. So we decided to remove the /ssodata endpoint for new tenants, since it’s not needed anymore. The problem is that for unauthenticated users, lock will still call the /ssodata endpoint.

We’re working on a solution.

In the meantime, you can disable the rememberLastLogin so lock doesn’t call /ssodata when it loads.

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