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N00b question on the disabled Legacy Lock API



What part of the Lock API uses the /users/ssodata endpoint ? We don’t use single signon and it is disabled in the dashboard but when I try to log in to a webapp I have inherited I get a 404 from https://[my-domain]/user/ssodata/

Everything works, but the 404 annoys me, I’m also curious to know if this slows down the login process. The webapp is currently using lock/11.3.0 and auth0/9.3.1 in an embedded login page.


:wave: @oskar.emil.skeide

If you continue to get a 404 error from the /user/ssodata endpoint, could you please capture an HTTP trace when this happens and send it to me (feel free to DM the file to me)? Instructions on how to do that can be found here:

updated post: Apologies, I updated this response as I initially misread. You may be receiving a 404 error at this time from /user/ssodata/ but at this time it can be safely be ignored. I will provide any further updates if that changes. It should not impact your login process.