Unauthorized after initial account creation

I don’t see any other posts directly related to my issue.

The first time someone goes to create an account, they’re prompted with a white Unauthorized screen. It only says unauthorized in the top right corner of the screen.
The end points are something like this:

After they’re given the unauthorized screen, they can log in without any issues, as if it were some sort of a random fluke or something.
This happens with auth0 sign ups, and facebook/google/linkedin as well I believe.

I don’t have any scopes set up, that I know of?
And I’m pretty sure my clientID and clientSecret are entered in properly in my config.js file.

Unless someone else already experienced the exact issue the provided information is insufficient to troubleshoot the situation. In particular, is the unauthorized screen you mentioned a result of the client application URL or an URL associated with the service itself (your tenant domain). In either case, what’s the full URL and if it’s from the client application are you testing with an available sample or a completely custom application.

In addition, authentications can be rejected from custom rules so ensuring that you do the testes without any rules enabled may also help in pinpointing the source of issue. Ideally, if you can provide an HTTP trace showing the issue that would be the most useful piece of information to troubleshoot; as an alternative the exact steps performed to reproduce the issue alongside relevant code snippets may be sufficient.