Problems getting started with Auth0

Problems when getting started with Auth0

I get an error page that says Unauthorized.

What I see

  • http://localhost:4200/ has a nice start page with a blue Log in button
  • First time I click on the Log in button, I’m taken to Auth0 login screen,
    where I select Google.
  • Then I’m taken to http://localhost:4200/error, and there is the word
    Unauthorized on red background.
  • Further attempts to log in from the start screen takes me directly to the
    error page. This may change after a day of inactivity.

I’ve looked at the Auth0 dashboard, Monitoring → Logs. There I see
Successful Login and Failed Exchange. I don’t understand the details of
these, or what to look for.

auth_config.json file

Three items changed, as compared to the exampe file:

Settings for Default App

That’s it, I think. I must have missed something, since I have the
Unauthorized problem

Why do I get Unauthorized? Are my expectations wrong?

Off-topic: I have a very hard time tagging this post with at least two tags, I think login-experience should be a valid tag, but the search function for tags doesn’t seem to work. “documenation-request” is not a good tag for this post, but I can’t insert another one.

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Hi @h.stenstrom,

First off, thanks for the detailed problem statement, that is very helpful.

Let’s take a look at the unauthorized error. Can you pleas confirm that the application you created is registered as a “Single Page App” in the dashboard?

Also, do you see any additional information in the console? Sometimes the unauthorized error will be accompanied by a message that describes the error.

Finally, you can DM me your tenant name and I can take a look at your logs.


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