I need a step-by-step video guide to get started with the Angular-based demo application

I downloaded the demo application for Angular, and I’m trying to get it up and running on localhost. But I’ve run into multiple problems. Is there any video guide that goes through the procedure step by step, in the Angular code and the setup on Auth0 dashboard? It would be very helpful.

Problems I’ve run into includes:

  • npm install doesn’t work (but npm install --legacy-peer-deps does)
  • there was no auth_config.json.example file.
  • It took some time to understand what “audience” is
  • I get an error message with the single word “Unauthorized” in a red box, and I don’t know how to troubleshoot.

A video guide could show how settings in the dashboard should correspont to what’s written in auth_config.json

Hey there!

Can you share the link to the demo application you mentioned? Once we establish what example / demo we talk about we will be able to effectively help you. Thanks!

I think this page has a link to the example that I downloaded: https://manage.auth0.com/dashboard/us/dev-0dbn2nahjvxav1r1/applications/8RRPhe3D9gc8ZtEpcq0tcvewrX781fl3/quickstart

The name of the downloaded file is sample-01.zip, and it seems to correspond to this Git repository, with at least one exception: auth0-angular-samples/Sample-01 at master · auth0-samples/auth0-angular-samples · GitHub

The exception is that the repo in the zip file did not contain auth_config.json.example. Or rather, what I think is the same file was called auth_config.json, and was ignored in .gitignore.

I did the download on 2023-05-31, the md5 sum of the sample-01.zip file is e4062e40b5e4d1e00c1d0b422e4f5e7e and the size is 325 kb (according to Finder).

Okay perfect! As this quickstart / sample has a GitHub repo the most effective way and the most direct way to handle it with its maintainers would be to raise a GitHub issue here:

(you can simply copy what you shared in the initial post here). Once you have a link to it you can share it here and we will ping the repo maintainer on that front. Thank you!

I’ve created an issue on GitHub: npm install fails without --legacy-peer-deps · Issue #373 · auth0-samples/auth0-angular-samples · GitHub

But my feeling is that I have two independent problems. The issue I filed was about failed npm install.

The other issue is the “unauthorized” I see on the error screen of the dev server. That is more likely a problem with my auth_config.json file, or with the settings in the Auth0 dashboard, or a combination. That’s why a video demo would be helpful, then I would see how to fill in the fields in the Dashboard, and copy certain fields from there to the auth_config.json file. I’ve done my best, but it’s probably not good enough.

The issue that I submitted to GitHub is now fixed.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing!

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