React Quickstart demo not working

I followed the Auth0 quickstart guide for React (Auth0 React SDK Quickstarts: Login) to the letter and when I create a new user, and attempt to login with that user, it clears the page and just displays “Oops… unauthorized”.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create an auth0 account
  2. download the React quickstart guide
  3. create an auth_config.json file in the /src folder
  4. fill the ‘domain’ field of auth_config.json with the domain of the Default App. fill ‘clientId’ field with client ID of the Default App. Delete the other properties.
  5. add ‘http://localhost:3000’ to Allowed Callback URLs, Allowed Web Origins, and Allowed Logout URLs
  6. run npm install and npm start in the root directory of the quickstart
  7. click the login button
  8. create a new user
  9. attempt to login using that user
  10. receive error: “Oops… unauthorized”

Can anyone help me out? Seems like the quickstart guide should just work out of the box…

Hi @cartercwchen1,

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I don’t believe the default app has an application type selected yet. It must be Single Page Application in the application settings under Application Properties:

Please let me know if that resolves the issue. Thanks!

Works! Thanks!!!

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