Unable to proceed further after Auth0.com/profile


Am trying to create Auth0 account for the 1st time as the application I use recently moved to use Auth0 authentication

  1. Opened page - auth0.com
  2. Clicked sign up
  3. Provided my [username]@[companydomain].com
  4. New password
  5. Received email verification
  6. Clicked on the link and it took me to auth0.com/profile
  7. Choose option ‘i am a coder’ and tried ‘i am not a coder’
  8. Click ‘Next’

Nothing happens after that - the page isn’t navigated to next step or throw any error. Jus no movement when I click next

I tried with my Gmail id and it worked but not with my company id

What needs to happen to work with my company id ? Or is this related to the AWS outage today ?

Hey there!

That’s weird but let me try to help you! Have you tried again and it’s still not working for you? What you mean by saying your company ID?