Unable to make redirect from password change form work

Hi everyone!
My issue is similar to Redirect to page after password reset

I want to redirect user after password change (new universal form). Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create ticket by calling POST /api/v2/tickets/password-change
  2. Follow the ticket link
  3. Fill the password change form
  4. Redirect expected

What I tried:

  1. Passed return_to/result_url/redirect_url/... along with ticket url
  2. Included the same to password-change payload
  3. Set ResultUrl in api (it works for old form, but it shouldn’t work for new one, but I tried)
  4. Tried to include as parameter while api calling: managementAPI.Ticket.ChangePassword(ticket,management.Parameter("return_to/result_url/return_url/...","https://google.com"))
  5. Tried to find where to define return url in application/tenant advanced settings, but w/o luck
  6. Tried to set “Application login URL” in app settings

Thats it. Please provide working example. Thank you!