Unable to Login to Dashboard After Google Workspace Sign Up

After signing up to Google Workspace I am unable to authenticate using my email address and I can’t open a ticket either.

The switch to Google Workspace transformed my previous Google Account address into ...@gtempaccount.com and when I try to authenticate with the correct address, Auth0 initiates the creation of a new account.

What I need from Auth0 is the update of my Google Account Address, but I can’t open a ticket to request that or contact the support.

Thank you.

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Hi @danielrsantana-hmx2 !

I opened a support ticket on your behalf, and further communication (you will be asked for your Auth0 tenant data) will happen with the support agent.
Thanks for your patience.

Thank you a lot, Marcelina and wishes for Happy Holidays to you and to your family.

I will message you with some extra info, in case you need when opening the ticket, because this account is very challenging to access.

Happy new year and thank you a lot for your support :))


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I am still waiting for Auth0 to do something about my request.

It’s kind of frustrating a company be so restricted about contact as you are, Auth0. So I am with my hands tied not being able to ask assistance from anyone besides this post. Waiting since more than two ago and I would appreciate to see this topic moving forward.

Thank you.
Daniel Santana
Humaitrix CTO

Hi @danielrsantana-hmx2 ,

Thank you for your patience.

Gladly I can see you have been already contacted by our Developer Support Associate member.

Have a great week!


Problem solved. The instruction received from the support was:

login with the old account (now point to [@gtempaccount.com])
go to tenant settings/members
invite the Google Workspace account

[EXTRA] - to transfer the ownership from the old account to the new one

login with the correct email address
remove the old admin

The ownership will be given automatically (source: Change tenant ownership)

Thank you all, especially to you @marcelina.barycka

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Thanks so much for sharing with the rest of community!

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