Dashboard Authentication Failure, Unable to Login

After signing up to Google Workspace I am unable to authenticate using my email address and I can’t open a ticket either.

The switch to Google Workspace transformed my previous Google Account address into …@gtempaccount.com and when I try to authenticate with the correct address, Auth0 initiates the creation of a new account.

What I need from Auth0 is the update of my Google Account Address, but I can’t open a ticket to request that or contact the support.

Thank you.

ps: this is the same thread as Unable to Login to Dashboard After Google Workspace Sign Up

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Hi @danielrsantana-hmx2,

Thank you for providing the additional information, and I apologize for delay.

It looks like @marcelina.barycka and our support team are actively working on this request and there are been some issues that have caused delay, along with the holidays.

Thank you for your patience while we recover your account.


Thank you Dan. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all and thanks for the feedback.

in time: it’s a pleasure to contact you. Your articles and supports helped me integrating Auth0 in dozens of projects in the past. When scrolling some tutorial ou community responses, your response usually signs the solution of a problem.

Thank you and sorry that I had to push up a bit. Not sure how or to whom to address this, but Auth0 let me down this time, and the biggest issue was the impossibility to contact anyone.

I had to figure it out by myself that I could login using Incognito, otherwise I would have lost (completely) the access to my account. This seems like a very big issue, because very often startups like mine move from normal google account to Google Workspace.

Once again, congratulations for your social network impact and for the positiviness that you bring and Happy new year.


Thank you for the kind words. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Happy new year!

Problem solved. The instruction received from the support was:

login with the old account (now point to [@gtempaccount.com])
go to tenant settings/members
invite the Google Workspace account

[EXTRA] - to transfer the ownership from the old account to the new one

login with the correct email address
remove the old admin

The ownership will be given automatically (source: Change tenant ownership)

Thank you all

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Thanks for following up!

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